How is it to be a motorbike passenger

It’ll be 4 year since I’ve become a motorbike passenger.

Beginner motorbike

Firstly I was passenger on Honda CBR 125. With only 9.8 kW it was not much powerful motorbike, but for beginner was it quite enough.

Honda CBR125R passenger

I borrowed a helmet from my driver because he had 2 of them at home. It was much bigger than my head. I noticed my mother’s fearful face, embraced him tightly and sat very closely to him. There was a handle behind me, which I was holding very anxiously too, while my driver was trying to achieve 120 km/h. I don’t think, I was afraid at all. It was pretty cool.

Driver is more connected with the surrounding world but also more vulnerable. To survive, driver must act like there is always somebody or something trying to knock him down. He must be very well informed about current traffic state and conscious of his abilities. He must figure out correctly how he can pass the curve and how much can he tilt the motorbike. There are also other factors which influence a motorbiker. Humidity of a roadway, dust on the roadway, not to rely on other drivers, that they see him coming…


Later he had Suzuki Vstrom 650 and we enjoyed it for a 3 years.

suzuki vstrom passenger

It was very comfortable. We had 3 motorbike trunks and I could lean back in case of sudden acceleration. The handle, the passenger could hold instead holding the driver, was on appropriate place so there was no need to hold the driver. We also had quite big plexiglass because of the wind at speed higher than 100km/h. I felt so comfortable that I could check the navigation on smartphone without holding the handle or driver. Also fuel consumption was appropriate.


2 weeks ago, my driver bought a superbike Honda CB1000R.

honda cb 1000 r passenger

If I didn’t hold him very firmly, I would fell down because I’m not got used to to such an immediate acceleration. With power of 90 kW, torque of 102 Nm (75.23 ft lb)  it can accelerate immediately and at quite low rpm. This motorbike can reach 80km/h on the first gear. Wow!

How to behave as a motorbike passenger

We spend quite a lot of time on motorbike. And I’ve already learned some things I have to keep to enjoy the ride on a superbike. Because the driver is more tilted to the motorbike, holding the handle is not good idea for a passenger. And what is more, with no trunk behind. The passenger should copy the angle of drivers tilt and attach him as much as possible. It is needed to embrace the driver, so that he can breathe and tilt to the right or left while driving. Keep your hands connected (they hold each other) on the petrol tank.

If the driver will be braking suddenly, passenger leans on the petrol tank with his hands in order not to push the driver too much forwards. Because he needs to keep the rides properly while braking so it is quite impractical for him when somebody pushes him forward and leans on him the whole time.

If a superbike accelerates immediately, the passenger will be ‘thrown’ backward. His hands land on driver’s chest and if they are holding each other, there is no chance that the passenger will slip out of motorbike.

But what about a back pain and fatigue?

After some time, the passenger will be bored of such ride. His fingers may hurt because of pushing them instantly to the petrol tank. And also his back may hurt because of the way of sitting. Therefore the passenger needs to learn the style of his driver’s driving. He notices when his driver has the courage to overtake the vehicle and at which speed, distance (from opposite coming vehicle and also from the overtaken), acceleration, circumstances of braking, state of roadway. Or if he(she) drives often risky and overtakes closely to the curve…

If the driver drives dangerously, it is good to have somebody behind to calm the driver down.

If the passenger learns the style of his driver’s driving, the former can copy the latter’s body shape and tilt with him. Passenger should know when is the right time to hold the petrol tank or handle behind him. And when immediate acceleration is predictable, passenger should hold the driver anxiously.